Building Success as a Photographer

Photography as a business model is no walk in the park

The challenge of professional photography

Many artists are familiar with the challenges surrounding making photography a source of income.

  1. When too many people turn their hobby into a job they would also do for free, there is a surplus of service and a bitter price war.
  2. Gigs that pay off aren’t fun (passport pictures), while fun jobs (sports, drones or nude photography) are poorly compensated or the abundant competition is too highly qualified.

Photographers need proper marketing

For photographers, the crux is visibility and familiarity. Many photographers would be happy to offer lucrative wedding photography, but practically every bride has an uncle who would do it for free. And those who are open to a new professional shooting their wedding often aren’t aware of your services. Quickly forming a sizable network that suits your specialization and an excellent website are a huge must. And of course, the quality of your photos has to be top and if you want to be successful, you should work on being better or at least good.


Especially in the beginning, professional photographers have to accept pretty much every job just to eke by. But it is still advisable to have a professional focus and then gear your marketing efforts, time and money toward that. After all, no one can be an expert in every field and you shouldn’t try to be. Searching out the right (most profitable) focus and then developing a marketing strategy for this area is often my main task as a consultant.


Good photography equipment is expensive, but if you want a chance at success you can’t do without it. Getting a loan as a photographer is not easy because there is not exactly a love affair between banks and the industry (too many photographers not making any money). This is another area where you need my professional support to secure the financing you need to launch a successful career as a photographer.



And here an example of the founder of a fashion label who has also done outstanding work as a photographer, Christijonas Duttke:


Photography for his own fashion label: ALL HUMAN

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