Dresden Trade Office (Gewerbeamt)

Dresden Trade Office (Gewerbeamt)


The purpose of the Dresden Trade Office

The trade office’s main objective is to record business registrations, businesses moving to or from their jurisdiction and business deregistration. This public office also keeps an overview of each business’s corporate purpose and may provide this information to third parties (e.g. Chamber of Industry and Commerce IHK). Prior to registration, the trade office verifies whether all required permits are present. For example, insurance brokers and real estate agents have special requirements. In the food service and security industries, businesses also need to fulfill certain requirements for registration.

Address: Gewerbeamt Dresden

Abt. Gewerbeangelegenheiten des Gewerbeamtes Dresden

Theaterstraße 11 – 15

Phone: 0351 488 -5811
Fax: 0351/488-5813
Email: gewerbeangelegenheiten@dresden.de

(You can also fill out a business registration form online when you provide a copy of your ID / passport to save you the way downtown.)

Opening hours:

Monday 9 am to 12 noon

Tuesday 9 am to 6 pm

Thursday 9 am to 6 pm

Friday 9 am to 12 noon

Business registration at the Trade Office of Dresden

Avoid mistakes when registering your business!

If you want to register a business in Dresden, you should read up beforehand to avoid these 5 common mistakes in business registration.

Please bear in mind that before you even register let alone launch your business, there is much to be done! A good place to start are these 12 important tips. Good consulting from a bona fide business consultant specializing in start-ups costs only very little or even nothing at all as you can take advantage of pre-start-up consulting up to a value of 4,000 euro which is completely subsidized and an additional start-up consulting with 80% funding! Read more here: Funding through SAB and BAFA.

So don’t hesitate beforehand to give me a call and receive competent consulting to ensure you are well-prepared for becoming self-employed!

Online business registration

If you want, you can simply fill out everything online and send your registration per email to the trade office. Don’t forget a copy of your ID and you’re all set. Just pay the 30 euro fee and your business is registered. If you need help with the form, just give me a call.

Number of annual business registrations

In Dresden alone, there are around 5,300 registrations annually in diverse sectors. If you’re interested in reading more about the statistics, check here: Dresden in numbers. Of course, the food service industry and tourism are among the main arteries of Dresden’s economy, so after the goods-producing industry and real estate sector they make up an important spot in the statistics.

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