Examples of Start-ups

Start-ups by category

What kind of start-ups have I supervised in my career?

The following contains business sectors where I have often supervised start-ups. My goal is that you get a clear overview of the crux of founding a business so if you do not yet have a business consultant at your side, you can know whether starting a company or becoming self-employed is for you and which concrete steps must be taken.

  • Hair salon
  • Photographers
  • Dietary supplements
  • App developers
  • Wearable developers
  • Software developers
  • Retailers and exporters
  • Beauty parlors and nail salons
  • Mobile masseurs
  • Personal trainers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Self-employed craftspersons
  • Webshop proprietors
  • Kids café
  • Food service industry
  • Customizable books / publishers
  • Retail trade
  • Fashion labels
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Educational service providers

With legal structures are the most common?

In my experience, sole proprietorship is the most common legal form and usually the best choice. Freelancing is similar but can have advantages of its own Both forms are very non-bureaucratic and flexible.

Then of course there are incorporated companies such as UGs and GmbHs in Germany. A UG is usually not the right choice since with my help you can usually procure sufficient foreign capital for a GmbH. These legal forms are more expensive to found than the former and are incident to increased bureaucracy and higher costs (tax consultant).

What do most start-ups need the most?

Most start-ups usually need seed capital. For this reason, I am specialized in securing the necessary finances for your start-up even if you don’t have a penny in private equity. There are numerous loan programs, a few of which you can read about on my page. But don’t hesitate to give me a call to find out more about financing options for your company. 0351 – 41886876

The second factor besides capital for most start-ups is revenue, in particular, how to build up a customer base. Usually it’s not rocket science! The right combination of online and traditional advertisement can work miracles if you know the types of campaigns with the best price-performance ratio. But the right ad campaign varies from company to company. A hair salon will benefit best from different strategies and methods than a photographer. And if you’re launching a webshop, you need an entirely different concept than an insurance broker.

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