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Business consultant for start-ups and SMEs

After you have got around the typical stumbling blocks of business registration, founders of new businesses need a viable business concept. Unfortunately, having a good idea and experience in your trade is not always enough to successfully launch and manage your own company. From the get-go, your concept, product and customer needs require developing to a sensible business plan. Financial planning is at least as essential as a well-structured marketing plan.

Fortunately, start-ups both in Dresden and all of Saxony can make use of the Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control’s (BAFA) start-up coaching service or start-up consultancy from the Development Bank of Saxony (SAB). These are professional business consultancy services, the costs of which the state carries completely (or at least up to 80%)! So as a start-up, there is nothing stopping you from drawing on the expertise of a business consultant for assistance in founding your new company. This site contains some important information meant to provide you with an overview on starting your own company in Saxony.

At the very least, since you’re already here, why not take a look at the most frequent and fatal errors that make life difficult for start-ups.


Business consulting for start-ups in Dresden. MBA & Graduate Economist Toni Großmann offers assistance from business registration to successful financing.


If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at or +49 351 / 41 886 876. An initial phone call is always free of charge.

Concept development / Business plan / Marketing concept

  • Use of a Business Model Canvas to develop an innovative concept
  • Creation of a business plan secure for both banks and investors
  • Scheduling, taking into consider all time and finance restrictions
  • State-subsidized business consultant
  • Revenue planning, financing requirements analysis, profitability forecast, etc.
  • A promising marketing concept

Business consulting is the key to success

Nearly all SMEs make use of business consulting. And for good reason. No one is good at everything and this is especially true of company founders who still lack experience. Joining forces with a business consultant can often mean just purchasing professional knowledge and know-how for integration into your company. Depending on the project, the price can be exorbitant.

My clear focus on start-ups and the available state subsidies make this not the case. With me, your start-up can develop a promising business concept, secure financing and establish the customer base you need for success. And at the low cost of 800 euros – the state chips in up to 7,200 euros in subsidies. So you see, business consulting can be less expensive than getting your car fixed. The obvious added value is the professional assistance in founding your company and in steering you toward success in those difficult early days.

Secure the financing you need

My colleague Anja Lipp, one of the most experienced business consultants in the greater Dresden area, focuses on corporate finance both for start-ups with little capital or medium-sized enterprises. Even the most difficult conditions can’t stop us from helping you secure the finances you need. We will explore all avenues including the state, banks and investors. With or without capital. With or without securities.

Together, we will secure the financing your company needs.


Anja Lipp – Dresden’s specialist for loan financing and subsidy acquisition for companies of all sizes.

Get professional advice

Thanks to state subsidies, consulting for start-ups often costs less than getting a car fixed. Often it doesn’t cost you anything at all! But many start-ups don’t know about this opportunity. As a start-up, a business consultant will often cost hardly anything or even nothing at all!

If you are launching a start-up, a process fraught by so many risks, you should make use of these opportunities to benefit from business consulting. Would you go to court without representation in a life-crucial case? Then why should you launch your own company without a professional business consultant at your side? After all, your start-up is the heart of your entire financial and professional future.

I am glad to offer my assistance. Just click on the contact form below.

Or call me free of charge, I am happy to provide a direct answer to your problems and questions!

But if you do decide to go it alone, at least take a look at these 10 frequent mistakes start-ups make! If you pay heed to these 12 tips, you may not even need business consulting!


Together our team of business consultants gets down to work for you!

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