Success as a Personal Trainer

Personal trainer is back-breaking work

Problem areas

Finding success as a personal trainer takes back-breaking work, and not necessarily because it is obviously tied to an extreme amount of athletic effort. Instead, intense competition, limited income opportunities and the years required to build up prominence and reputation in the field should not be underestimated.


Of course, most personal trainers-to-be want clients with plenty of dough. But doing so is difficult and requires much networking. Diverse channels can grant you access to high-income / low-leisure CEOs, freelancers and other professions such as attorneys, business consultants, tax consultants, doctors, etc. Directly contacting potential customers is a method of building your customer base that requires arduous work. Being found online is of course an easier way, but usually this doesn’t yield many clients. To increase your prominence and still earn enough to get by, there is usually no way around offering courses. The good news is, online registration often leads to courses being fully booked (Facebook ads with Eventbrite tickets). Part-time employment in a fitness studio usually doesn’t yield that much extra income and you typically need to work there for years to expect to take any customers with you when you leave (which is of course prohibited anyway).


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