Have Your Business Plan Created for You

Have your business plan created by a professional!

You want a professional business plan created or would like to develop your business concept with professional support?

A business plan is a detailed presentation of the business concept for your future start-up. Your business concept should be thoroughly thought out and developed with professional support or years of experience if possible. Avoid typical mistakes start-ups make and plan your steps before you even register your business at the trade office. Your business plan will also help convince potential investors (banks, public subsidy offices) of your business’s chances for success. But it is also a great help to you as a valuable map to steer your business toward success by keeping you aware of opportunities and risks.

Creating your business plan with professional support always pays off. For public offices, subsidies or banks.

Complex issues must be laid out in simple terms. It is especially vital to break down the complexities of founding a business.

Buying or creating a free business plan online is often risky and rarely the sensible path. If you are becoming self-employed or launching your own business, you should proceed carefully and be prepared to invest both time and money. After all, your business plan itself is an investment in the future of your company. A business plan should always be created under the supervision of a trained professional. Everything else is often a waste of time. My services are state-subsidized up to 100% which means you receive a quality business plan perfectly adapted to your concept.


Advantages of a business plan

  • Convince banks, subsidies or other sources of capital
  • Gain partners, investors and other associates
  • As a road map for your own management
  • For public offices

Working together with me and using your business idea as the focal point, we can develop in a very short time a concept that benefits from my expert knowledge and in-depth research beforehand. The many factors to take into consideration when assessing your business idea, the branch of industry and your business plan are often too complex for newcomers (market, product or service, competitors, location, opportunities for marketing and distribution, target group, price level, revenue potential, available subsidies and financing opportunities, suitable legal structure). The amount of effort and number of minefields along the way to developing a viable company or procuring financing, loans or subsidies scare of many potential founders and leave them searching for simple solutions.


Creating your business plan with the support of a business consultant

is not the quick and easy solution. It is thorough, intense work. But you can rest assured that your business is getting off to a good start. If you find yourself in court in a legal battle that may determine the rest of your future, wouldn’t you retain the services of an expert attorney? As a business consultant, my services creating a business plan and supervising your start-up are similarly important. After all, your business will decide the success of your future. Without a good plan, your company’s likelihood of survival will be left over to chance at best. Procuring viable funding for your business often depends on having a good business plan. And without money, you can kiss your business goodbye.

An elaborate business plan is between 20 to 30 pages long and includes a finance plan in addition to a market assessment and your business concept. The finance plan, an extremely vital component, comprises: Investment plan, sales planning, profit and loss statement, liquidity forecast, calculation of fees and rates, personnel planning, costs projection, planned balance sheet, investment and financing plan, ratio analysis.


Factors of success of a professional business plan

You can’t get a successful business plan from an online generator! A convincing business plan won’t be drafted by a business student friend of yours. A business plan that convinces a bank to grant a loan or an investor to invest capital is neither fast nor cheap – unless you take advantage of the many subsidies available of course! A business plan should be created together with a business consultant. And this business consultant should boast the appropriate qualifications! A good business plan is about 30 pages long and contains calculations that will convince banks and public offices of the plausibility of your business. And it is written in the language of business, which is an art form unto itself.


Contact a specialized business consultant

If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at info@dresden-beratung.de or +49 351 / 41 886 876. An initial phone call is always free of charge.

Use the contact form to get in touch or just give me a call and we can arrange an appointment within 5 business days for an initial talk.

There are also several subsidy programs for business consulting that cover the costs of business concept consulting with between 80% to 100% in state funding! As a start-up, you can receive consulting services worth 8,000 euro for the meager price of 800! In addition to creating a business plan, you can have your entire marketing strategy or bank financing including applications for loans done for you by a specialized business consultant!

Together with you, our team of competent business consultants will create your business plan, finance strategy or a promising marketing concept.

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