Marketing / Advertising

Marketing concepts

Holistic marketing

Marketing means that your products and services must be tailored to the customer before the product can be advertised appropriately.

Marketing doesn’t just mean sales!

It means producing products and services for and with the customer.

But marketing also means making use of and creating suitable communication channels to reach your target group.

The entire marketing process is thus integral to all aspects of your business and requires good temporal, financial and strategic planning.


Our team of business consultants will make and implement a detailed marketing plan in close cooperation with you.

Online marketing

Search engine optimization

It is a shame that so few entrepreneurs benefit from search engine optimization. The result is often the loss of costs for a website that no one can find. To steer clear of this risk, I work in close cooperation with one of the most capable SEO experts in Dresden. Start-ups can benefit from massive rebates from the get-go!

AdWords campaigns, Facebook ads and other click ads

It is vital to find ways to reach future customers at low costs. The Internet offers much better solutions that traditional means since you can target your marketing narrowly to your online target group. I am happy to help you plan and implement the right online marketing campaigns for your business. You can even benefit from state subsidies for start-up consulting for use with online ad campaigns!


Recommendation marketing

The most important advertisement for many potential customers is often a personal recommendation. But unfortunately, most start-ups rarely have the necessary customer base to allow recommendation marketing. I can offer you access to my network of corporate clients and also help you in other ways to quickly build up a customer base that can recommend you to others. These days, the role of social media can hardly be understated. You should use them from day one!


Direct approach for new customer acquisition

Whether you wish to make calls or send out letters, I am there to help you develop a successful campaign. When it comes to implementing the campaign, you’ll be on your own – or I can also help you find a qualified specialist to help you carry out your marketing or advertisement campaigns.



Business consulting for start-ups in Dresden. MBA & Graduate Economist Toni Großmann offers assistance from business registration to successful financing.

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